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Fresh. Local. Sustainable.

Because food matters to you.


Who We Are

We are just like you—people who believe that growing and eating local food matters!

When you buy from Gunnison Gardens you'll feel empowered knowing the food you feed your family is fresh and healthy.


You'll feel good about supporting local agriculture and increasing food security in our community.

You'll feel secure in creating a more resilient future!  

What We Do


Fresh Produce

Our seasonal veggies are tasty, nutritious, affordable, and locally grown. We farm with health in mind—ours, yours, and the earth's.


Experience the difference! 


Fresh Eggs

All Year

Our happy hens eat non-GMO feed—and all the bugs and worms they can find as they freely wander the Gunnison Gardens pastures.


Pasture Raised


These birds are locally hatched and pasture-raised on non-GMO feed.


Processing is humane for both bird and farmworker alike!


Plant Sales

Want your own garden?

Plant the same starts we grow in the Gunnison Gardens greenhouse each spring—veggies and perennials selected for our climate.



Our best customers are also backyard gardeners! We love to collaborate, share ideas and work side by side. Our classes provide opportunities to do just that. Join us!

Join the Gunnison Gardens Conversation

Keep up with garden news, events, recipes, growing tips—and a lot more!

What People Say

"Our weekly dose of gorgeous greens from the gifted growers at Gunnison Gardens—and the occasional eggs from the contented, hardworking and beautiful chickens—keeps us going through the winter, hale and hardy, making the cold days warmer, the winter somehow shorter. Spring is around the corner, thanks to Gunnison Gardens' gorgeous greens."


Mike Ritchey 

"We eat our beautiful eggs probably seven days a week. Since we have been doing keto, eggs go into so many things besides the frying pan!"

Andrea Heller Aberschank

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